Podcast 1807 2/17/18: Games People Play and Olympic Games with ComcastXfinity

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Show Notes

Hour 1: Games People Play at Lawrence Tech University


Mars (Marshall) Ashton, MA, is an Assistant Professor and Director of Game Art  at Lawrence Tech University and Founder of the Infinite Machine Axis Descending.  He has achieved international recognition through press, conferences and exhibitions, and has developed “gamedev” culture throughout Michigan via meetups and events. Throughout his graduate studies, he has established a set of guidelines within his paper “Defining Feedback Devices in Digital Gamespaces” to establish a standard of Design Thinking within the discipline.”
Mars will open our eyes to the brilliant world of gaming that is reaching a multi-billion dollar industry set to explode with the arrival of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) on mobile devices.

1807 Games LTU Mars Ashton

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MiTechNews Headlines for Feb. 17, 2018

1807 MiTechNews 02-17-18

Video Asset

 Listen to Mike Brennan and Matt Roush on their podcast: M2 TechCast, LIVE at their new time, Mondays at 2-3 PM on PodcastDetroit Network.


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Show Notes:

Hour 2: Comcast/Xfinity Olympic Coverage & Tech Roundtable

Vito Forlenza, Executive Director, TVE Content and Product Strategy at Comcast Cable shares the remarkable coverage available to Xfinity F1 customers. The service offers an incredible number of ways to watch the Olympics in South Korea, whether live as it happens or highlight moments.  More than 50% of its customers are using the voice prompting function that is available through its remote. Just press the button and tell the system what event or sport you want to watch.  Comcast has teamed up with NBC Sports to give access to its premium customers during this international event.

1807 Comcast Olympics

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Show Notes

Hour 2: Tech Roundtable

Ed Rudel



 Caston Thomas joins the team as the newest regular Tech Advisor for the show…just in time for our 20th Anniversary Month. Caston is the founder of InterWorks, LLC. “The Chuck Norris of Securing & Managing Mobile & Networks”.  Ed Rudel pulls double duty as our engineer and panel member along with Foster Braun.  Captain Gary Baker was not with us because he was “otherwise occupied” 😀 aboard his ship, the “Shared Adventure“.

1807 Hour 2 Tech Roundtable

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