Podcast 1801: Paul Eisenstein Previews NAIAS and CES 2018 + Richard Stiennon Looks at Cybersecurity in 2018


Show Notes

Hour 1: NAIAS/CES 2018 Previews

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Paul Eisenstein, Editor of The Detroit Bureau starts us off by highlighting the two major events of the new year…North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) and Consumer Electronic Show (CES)

NAIAS 2018 is Detroit’s Really Big Show as Ed Sullivan used to say (most of you remember him or can at least Google the name!) The future of driving as well as the latest models are one display.  You get a sense not only of where the auto industry’s cutting edge models are but where we are headed in the future.  Will that mean more electric or hybrid vehicles or will be see displays of self-driving cars and trucks?  Tune in and find out.

CES 2018 is a fitting connection for Paul because he will be heading there after his does his reporting for The Detroit Bureau The connection to the electronics show is a natural for anyone as steeped in the auto industry as Paul Eisenstein.  As a matter of fact, the electronic componentry in today’s autos are the strongest selling points after design and performance. Listen in to hear his commentary on both shows.


Listen to Paul Eisenstein NAIAS & CES

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MiTechNews Headlines for Jan. 6, 2018

Cybersecurity In Self-Driving Cars: 

U-M Releases Threat Identification Tool

IoT Will Be Massive In 2018: Four Predictions From IBM

Consumers Judge 2017 The Best Year Since 2000

Wireless Broadband-Like 5G To Drive IoT Innovations Over Next Decade

Listen to Mike Brennan MiTechNews Headlines for 2018

Listen to Mike Brennan and Matt Roush in the New Year on their podcast:

M2 TechCast, live, Mondays at 3-4 PM on PodcastDetroit Network.

Mike’s Predictions for 2018:

1) 2018 will be the Year of Internet of Things (IoT) ushering in the age of smart homes, smart cities, smart factories, smart cars.

2) 2018 will be when Video dominates social media, particularly with the new compression technologies. Some experts predict upwards of 80 percent of social media will be video.

3) Artificial Intelligence via voice (think Amazon Alexa and Google Home) will be in most homes by year’s end. AI then works with IoT to make smart appliances work seamlessly for consumers.

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Show Notes

Hour 2: Richard Stiennon on Cybersecurity in 2018


Richard Stiennon is a world renowned cyber security expert and published author as well as a frequent commentator on our show. Richard will focus on the challenges facing both consumers and enterprise.  We’ll look forward to hearing Richard’s predictions for the tumultus coming year.  Will it be another game of “cat and mouse” with the bad guys or will we finally get out front in a great leap forward?



Listen to Richard Stiennon Cyber Security 2018

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The second hour of our show is also roundtable discussion of today’s top tech topics. Shane will share his predictions for 2018 as will Foster and Gary.

Listen to Staff Predictions 2018

We still want your questions for this hour!

If you are listening over the Townsquare Media Network or to our Podcasts (subscribe through iTunes) send us an email.  Today the whole crew is back in the studio with a full dock of topics to talk about during the second hour.
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