Podcast 1724 CyberWeek 2017 Tel Aviv with Mike Brennan and Avoiding Phishing Scams

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Show Notes

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Mike Brennan, editor of MiTechNews, was formally invited by the Israeli government to cover the prestigious CyberWeek 2017 at Tel Aviv University starting June 25.  7,000 participants from 48 countries will gather in Israel this week to discuss tactics and technology of cybersecurity.  Mike will report all week long from his website but he joins us today to give us the scope of this major cybersecurity conference.


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Richard Stiennon, has coauthored a number of books with Mike and is considered a leading figure in Security on an international level.  Richard is currently Chief Strategy Officer at Blancco Technology Group and has attended CyberWeek in Israel on numerous occasions.  He will help us get some perspective on the topics that will be tackled during the weeklong gathering of the world’s top cybersecurity experts.


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Caston Thomas, CEO of InterWorks Technology has some practical advice to keep you from becoming the next victim of a phishing. The past week nearly 200 million voter records were stolen and are presumed to be for sale on the darkweb.  What can you do to prevent losing your identity through a clever scam?  Caston has lots of practical tips.



Listen to Caston Thomas on Foiling Phishing


What the Exposure of the Republican Party’s Database Means to All of Us…

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 MiTechNews Headlines for June 24, 2017

Mike Brennan 5-1-16

Michigan Science Center Offering 10-week Summer Camps for Kids


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