Windows Vista and Windows 7 Had a Baby! Windows 10!


Show Notes

Hour 1

Microsoft’s Last Great OS Arrives!

After much hoopla, suspicious press and endless previews, Windows 10 was released into the wild on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. Lo and behold, they came, they downloaded and they installed…and it was good, or at least much better than most everyone had expected.

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This week our panel of experts represent four different perspectives on the Win 10 download and install.

Gary Baker

Gary Baker waited  until Saturday, Aug. 1 just hours before the show to download his copy of Windows 10.  He is normally pretty skeptical about installing something as major as an OS without a lot of other people pioneering the process but felt that this time the odds were in his favor.



Shane Hamelin, CompuQuest Tech ExpertShane Hamelin has spent all week long installing Windows 10 on more than 20 different computers at his store CompTech Services in Sterling Heights.




Cal Carson is our Apple expert who runs Windows 10 inside a virtual machine on his MacBook Air. His work with US Figure Skating competition require that special software work perfectly with the new OS.




Foster Braun

Foster Braun was given a Surface Pro 2 by Microsoft Heartland Division so that he could test out the Windows 10 Preview during the last 6 months. He was the only one of the staff who had a problem after all was said and done!  The issue is that his Surface Pro 2 will not activate properly!




Hour 2            Answering Listener Questions

“Remember: The only dumb question … is the one you don’t ask!”

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10 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 – Microsoft releases a 45 second video detailing 10 reasons to take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade after July 29th.

How to Fix Installation Error 80240020 When Installing Windows 10

PC Mike


PC MIke Wendland’s First Impressions of Windows 10


Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO file)

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