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Podcast 1532 August 29, 2015

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CalCal Carson discusses some of the most insistent rumors about the upcoming Apple Event Sept. 9 in San Francisco.  In the running: iPhone 6S and a brand new Apple TV set top box (’bout time!)


Next Meeting: Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dan DeRyckere Total Color Calibration
Color Calibrate your Monitor and Printer   
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Matthew Resch, VP PR Michigan, reports that AT&T is accepting $29.7 million in CAF II funding from the FCC to bring reasonably-priced high-speed Internet access services to provide service for rural and remote areas of Michigan because it is very costly and often uneconomic to do so otherwise.

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Anthony VissmanAndrew Vissman, Director of Business Development for Winn Communications shares the vision of farsighted farmers whoover a century ago brought modern communications to Central Michigan.  Now Winn Comm.provides cutting edge gigabit broadband service to homeowners and businesses in Clare, Midland and Gaylord.


Show Notes:

Hour 2

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SEMAFX Creatives Networking MashUp
Wednesday, Sept 26:00- 9:30pm
Studio Center in Farmington Hills
(Map Link:

Join us for power networking with other very talented people and expand your personal, business and resource networks. 

This event is free to everyone.

SEMAFX Master Classes
Thursday, Sept 3
5:00 pm and 6:40 pm
Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Southfield
(Map Link:

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Answering listener questions with Foster, Cal and Ed.

  • Ann Arbor Makerspace Operations Bootcamp Oct. 12-16
    For more info. call (734) 222-4911.

4 Overblown Windows 10 Worries

Not long after Windows 10 was released late last month, it received a different kind of publicity than Microsoft wanted — concerns about everything from its privacy practices to fears about a new feature called Wi-Fi Senseto unhappiness with the way updates are delivered, and more.


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