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Hour 1:  Reboot and Innovate

Mi Courts


Michigan Holds Virtual Court

Justice Viviano May 2015David F. Viviano is the 109th Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.  He was appointed by Governor Rick Snyder in 2013 and elected to complete the remainder of his term in 2014.  He is the Supreme Court’s point-person for judicial training and statewide e-filing. Justice Viviano has participated in a number of initiatives to improve the administration of justice.

According to Justice Viviano the expanded use of videoconferencing technology to create “virtual” courtrooms has saved the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) nearly $5 million over the past two years. Because of this technology initiative, prisoners can participate in court hearings without the security risks and traditional costs involved in transporting them to court.  Currently, 417 courtrooms in Michigan have videoconferencing capabilities. Since its launch in 2010, the program has expanded so that high definition videoconferencing is installed in at least one circuit, district and probate court in all 83 counties. Seventy-eight counties now have videoconferencing systems in every courtroom.

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Updated- VTC in Court

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Royal Oak SmartPark Is a Very Smart Idea

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RO Smart Park 2015 Project


In May the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak proposed the creation of a “Smart Park” and put the matter to a “vote” of its citizens through a crowd funding site. The space will be for public gathering, free WiFi and digital information about the town’s businesses. Royal Oak needed to raise $60,000 by the time the campaign ended June 16 in order to qualify for a matching grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. The results were beyond expectations.  According to Todd Fenton, Economic Development Manager for Royal Oak,  the results surprised everyone.

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Giving You a Voice

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Tom-FWT-Headshot-SmallTom Choske, co-founder of Powerful LLC  has dedicated his life to helping communities find their voices on many different public issues, public transportation being a major issue.  He and his colleagues have contributed to a video project called 15 Minutes or Better that aims to do just that. The video series will consist of 7 episodes, each profiling one metro area in the country (with one focusing on Detroit) and will illuminate the factors that make each city’s transit systems effective or ineffective, then relate those complex transit concepts to how real people are impacted by them.  The videos will also be distributed to a national audience through the Internet, and our team has approached public TV stations about potential further distribution.

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Hour 2            Answering Listener Questions

“Remember: The only dumb question … is the one you don’t ask!”

Gary, Ed, Foster, Shane

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