Connect Michigan – Broadband infrastructure Interactive Map

Michigan Connects TM – Michigan’s most comprehensive source of fiber optic data, is a connection point for businesses, economic developers, planners and consumers seeking information about Michigan’s rich broadband resources. This interactive mapping application uses Esri ArcGIS for Server technology (with the ArcGIS API for Flex) and offers open access to extensive GIS capabilities to publish and share geographic data, maps, analyses and models.

The app provides users with a list of broadband providers that fall into three categories:

  • carriers with fiber optic networks within ¼ mile of the user’s click or address;
  • carriers offering broadband service at speeds of 100Mbps or faster by any technology platform; and
  • carriers with fiber optic networks in the municipality where the user clicked or the address is located.

Additionally, this application allows users to find a comprehensive list of ultra-high-speed network connectivity throughout the state, among other key features, including:

  • Detailed data and analytics about last mile and long haul fiber optic networks from commercial and public-sector providers.
  • Resources and information designed to support site selection for bandwidth-intensive enterprises and industries, including data center operations.
  • Fiber optic and last mile broadband data provided by 100+ of Michigan’s telecommunications carriers searchable to street level address or point and click coordinates.
  • Drill-down provides data for key demographics, local schools, libraries, healthcare facilities, government properties, and public safety.
  • Economic development and job support resources, programs, and physical facilities aggregated into a single, easy-to-use map.

This application is offered in partnership by Connect Michigan, the MEDC and CNX.

  • *Data accuracy is dependent on the individual sources that provided data for this mapping project, as well as data collected for NTIA’s State Broadband Initiative program (available on the National Broadband Map). MEDC, Connect Michigan, CNX and their partners are not responsible for any data inaccuracies. 

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