Podcast 1449 Dec. 6, 2014: Shop Till You Drop…Locally & Web Design Winners



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Online Shopping

How to Shop Instantly on Instagram and Shop Locally on Etsy

Emily HayOur social media maven, Emily Hay, founder of Hay There Social Media has some timely tips for your holiday gift shopping.

Contrary to popular belief, Instagram isn’t just for selfies and snapshots of your lunch. Sure, users don’t hold back on posting photos of their most picturesque provisions but that’s not the only thing we’re all doing on the app.

Everyone knows how important shopping local is, right? It impacts your state/city/region by keeping money and jobs in your community. But did you know that you can use the Internet to shop locally?  You can. It’s easy. Enter Etsy.

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And the Winners Are…Student Web Designers Awarded for Their Budding Skills

The Michigan Council of Women in Technology is dedicated to inspiring young women to achieve great things in technology.  One of the ways they accomplish this is through the 9th Annual Website Design Competition for high school girls.  We are delighted to have one of the budding designers in studio with us:

Winning girls


Likitha Nimmagadda from Farmington Harrison HS  (See her site)

Christina Li  from Utica Center for Math, Science and Technology. (See her site)

Barb KalbfleischBarb Kalbfleisch, foundation planner at MCWT joins us to tell about the competition.

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Who’s Laughing Now?

Certainly not Sony Pictures!  Apparently North Korea missed the humor in the imminent release of “The Interview”, a comedy film based on the assassination of Kim Jong-un (current dictator) starring Seth Rogan and James Franco.  The country which barely has electricity outside its capital of Pyongyang allegedly unleashed a sophisticated cyber attack that brought Sony Pictures to its knees and stole movie budgets, salary information, Social Security numbers, health care files, unreleased films, and more. At one point, the attack was so devastating that Sony employees were forced to use pen and paper instead of computers!  Reportedly the FBI is looking into the attack which bears a strong resemblance to sophisticated attacks leveled at South Korean banks earlier this year.  North Korea’s elite Bureau 121 hacker unit has been blamed for the attacks by some experts.

MiTechNews Headlines

Mike Brennan

Mike Brennan, Editor and Host of MiTechNews

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Hour 2

Answering Listener Questions

Gary Baker, Cal Carson, Shane Hamelin, Foster Braun

Gary Baker, Cal Carson, Shane Hamelin, Foster Braun

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Podcast 1449 Dec. 6, 2014: Shop Till You Drop...Locally & Web Design Winners
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