WWDC 2014: The Future of Computing with Apple

Cal Carson

Cal Carson

Okay let me be frank…. The WWDC is really more of a geek fest and info that is directed to developers. It’s really not for the end consumer even though they talk and show things that the end consumer will benefit from.

With that said, the two things I thought were of consumer interest are:

Mac OS X – 10.10 – Yosemite

 Well they have changed from Cats with California names. “Mavericks” was the first and now they have Yosemite. While the names are interesting, the OS features are what we really care about.

Spotlight – More prominent and faster searching. Also does searches not just on the Mac itself but Google searches and suggestions as well. Also as before you can start applications from Spotlight as well.

Continuity – This allows you to work between your iOS and Mac OS X platforms using HandOff. So you can start e mail on your iPhone, and move to your Mac and finish the e mail on your Mac. You can also link to your iPhone to your Mac to use it as a speaker phone.

SMS – You can now relay messages from other than iPhone users – Those green bubble messages.

Safari – Many new features with Tabs and browsing.

Mail – Has been reworked and more reliable.

iCloud drive – Better document filing. Works with large attachment moving. Works with Windows machines. Competitive pricing 5 gig Free, 20 and 200 Gig allottments.

Expected release: Fall 2014

Customers can participate in Public Beta in near future.

Cost for Yosemite – FREE


iOS 8

Showed new features in iOS 8 that are available in Beta to developers now.

No public announcement date yet.


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