Podcast 1426 June 28, 2014 : Rick Broida: Gadget Guy & Lauren and Tim Talk Wearable Tech


Fitness gear

Show Notes

Supreme Court Bans Aereo Services

aereo_scales-justice_content-2__largeOur crew commented briefly on this significant decision against innovation for consumers of digital content.  The Supreme Court overturned a lower court and ruled that Aereo violated the copyright privileges of TV broadcasters.

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Gadget Guy and Cheapskate Reviews

rick_broidaRick Broida, our very own Gadget Guy and Cheapskate extraordinaire brings us his month basket of reviews.

Buyer Beware: Penny Auction Sites

Click Here to Listen to Rick Broida’s Penny Auction Warning

Fitness Wearables Review

Lauren and Tim at WJRLauren Baker, (aka Gary’s daughter and most frequent guest on the show in 16 years) recently graduated from U of M with a degree in sports management and her friend Tim VanRiper (childhood friend and fellow Wolverine)  review a wealth of fitness devices.  So what’s worth the try and why?

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MiTechNews Report

Mike Brennan

Mike Brennan

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Hour 2        Answering Listener Questions:

Gary, Ed, Foster


Join the conversation with your questions during this live segment and benefit from years of tech troubleshooting expertise. REMEMBER: The only dumb question….is the one you don’t ask!

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Click Here to Listen to Final Remarks on Fitness Devices

Ed at Mike on JRClick Here to Listen to Ed’s Story about Baking a Laptop


net-neutrality what you should know

Net Neutrality…Act Now

Background on the Net Neutrality Debate

Read and sign this petition to let the FCC know your position.



How to Watch World Cup Soccer Through July 13, 2013

Billions of people round the globe are focused on the world’s most popular sport, Futbol/Soccer.  If you are a fanatic or just plain curious there are all sorts of ways of watching the games or at least keeping up with the first round action and game highlights.  The IA crew talked about some of these alternatives during the program.

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