Electronic Travel: Shane Hamelin

Airport power

Since Foster and Shane came back from their respective vacations, we wondered what the best and worst aspects of the experience were for them.

Shane Hamelin (Cancun, Mexico)

Just coming back from Mexico, this was NOT easy.

I set up a skype US phone number, added a Skype app package and called T-Mobile to change service before I left. This system I set up was based on getting free wifi. I spend  about $50.00 in apps and services before I left..

System = Fail  

Spotty Wifi and or costly Wifi put this plan to its knees early. I think it all depends where you travel. 3rd world Mexico? Not so good, can’t rely on anything working. Canada?.. Probably would have had a total different result.

Even when I had full, free Wifi… skype and phone service didn’t work as intended or promised. Dropped calls, no dial tone, no ring back, static and roaming – even though I changed service so it wouldn’t roam in Mexico..  Bad, bad, bad…

When we got home I called my phone company and this is what they said AFTER they sold me extra service. “Well Sir… It is Mexico and we really have no control over thier towers or service.”


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