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Pingdom profiles the Internet in 2012 with lots of statistics

Have you been wondering how to describe the Internet in 2012 in numbers? We have and we think we have at least some of the answers. How many emails were sent during 2012? How many domains are there? What’s the most popular web browser? How many Internet users are there?

As we have done for a number of years now, we’ve gone to the ends of the web – wherever that is – and back again, and compiled a list of truly fascinating facts about the year that was. Some of the numbers are snapshots taken during the year; others cover the entire period. Either way, they all contribute to giving us a better understanding of Internet in 2012.

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Here are some examples about the Internet in 2012 you might find especially interesting :

  • There were 144 billion emails sent per day worldwide.
  • 68.8% of all email traffic was spam.
  • 43% of the top 1 million websites were hosted in the U.S.
  • 48% of the top 100 blogs ran WordPress.
  • 75% of the top 10,000 websites were served by open source software.
  • The average web page became 35% larger during 2012.
  • There were 246 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains.
  • At $2.45 million, Investing.com was the most expensive domain name sold in 2012.
  • There were 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide.
  • 1.1 billion of them were in Asia.
  • 565 million of them were in China.
  • Internet penetration in China was 42.1%.
  • 47% of Facebook users were female.
  • 40.5 years was the average age of a Facebook user.
  • 175 million tweets were sent every day throughout 2012.
  • 37.3 years was the average age of a Twitter user.
  • We searched 1.2 trillion times on Google in 2012.
  • There were 1.1 billion global smartphone subscribers.
  • There were 6.7 billion global mobile subscriptions.
  • There were 5 billion global mobile phone users.
  • Global mobile data traffic per month was estimated at 1.3 exabytes.
  • We watched 200 petabytes of video on Vimeo during 2012.
  • We watched 4 billion hours of video on YouTube every month.
  • We added 7 petabytes of photo content to Facebook every month.

And that’s just a sample, there is so much more in the complete article.

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