Shane Hamelin's Predictions for 2013

Shane Hamelin, CompuQuest Tech Expert 1.) Google going to integrate AdSense and advertising for local businesses into Google Maps turn by turn navigation.

2.) Apple will DUMP plans to make its own TV, TV Manufactures will be offered the chance to license the Apple iOS interactive TV software.

3.) End of Email or at least the beginning of the end.

4.) Cable companies will scramble to provide a la carte content (Comcast, Time, Cox). With Internet TV boom people will no longer need to use “The Middle Man” and go straight to the program content providers like HBO, SyFy and Comedy Central  Click this link.

5.) Home will start to see the one box system. DVR, gaming, video, TV, all done by one central @home system. Tablets and smart phone will help stream personal content to household users.

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