Cal Carson's Predictions for 2013

Cal Carson

Cal Carson

Tech Predictions for 2013


1)   Despite the growing proliferation of set top TV content alternatives ( Roku, Apple TV, …) On Air, Cable, and satellite will still be the predominate sources for content.

2)   A manufacturer will break the 100 inch LED flat screen barrier by the end of 2013. Paving the way for full size wall panels in the coming years.

3)   There is talk that Apple is making a product that will compete with the Sony Smartwatch in function. Oh you have heard of the Smartwatch? Anyway, if Apple proceeds with this product, I predict that this will be the first product that Apple puts out that will not be as popular as any of the previous innovations. I also think that the public at large is not interested in a watch when every one has the time on their phones. This is a product that is reduced to a very small segment of the population.

4)   RIM will return as a contender in the mobile communications game. It will gain ground and be at par with the Windows Phone by end of 2013 with the introduction of Blackberry 10 O/S.

5)   Apple will continue to set the industry standard. With the innovation of thin laptops with SSD drives, and using “Fusion” or hybrid SSD/Mechanical drives in other laptops and desktops, the industry will follow suit and make this an implied standard. Just like Apple was the first to make Floppy drives go away.

6)   Windows 8 – Like Windows Millennium that was code-named “ME”, I predict that among the industry, with regards to the tile interface, Windows 8 will be code named “FP” (Fisher Price)


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