Microsoft Surface RT Lands In Retail Stores: Field Trip 12/15/12

In a surprising turnaround Microsoft abruptly announced this week that it was expanding the sales of its inaugural laptop the Surface RT to Best Buy and Staples.

Day One Visit:


No one in the store but great display, a bit hidden in computer section but very knowledgeable sales person Justin Miramonti knew all about the device.  Well trained, interested and enthusiastic.





Best Buy:

Buried in among the computer section near the back.  Notice: No signs to let you know that this is the Surface RT. Section is crazy busy with people occasionally wandering by to play with the Surface RT.  No sales people anywhere near because they were busy.  Asked on sales rep where the Surface RT was and he had to go ask his manager.  No information about the details on the computer, e.g. 32 Gigs, 64 Gigs etc.

Surface display on main isle with Cellphones. Signs???


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