Podcast Sept. 1, 2012: Gadget Galore!

Show notes:

The ancient Mayans believed 2012 would be the end of the world and for one presidential candidate it will be!  But for some gadget makers it could be the start of a whole new era.  Join us as we preview of one of the biggest launch seasons ever for smartphones, tablets, laptops and even operating systems (viz. Windows 8).

Rick Broid, CNet Blogger

Rick Broida, Internet Advisor Gadget Guy and CNET Cheapskate blogger will referee the match as the Internet Advisor Team lays out the landslide of gadgets coming in September and October.  Of course you can count on Rick to have a great Gadget Guy Deal for our listeners as well as our Internet Advisor Takeaway.

IFA Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin, Germany has become THE launch event for a number of brands (Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and even Dell) started August 30, 2012.
Release Dates:

  • IFA, Berlin, Aug. 30 : Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Motorola, Asus, Dell
  • Nokia, New York, Sept 5
  • HTC mid-Sept.
  • Google Motorola Mobility On Display, September 5, New York
  • Amazon, September 6, Santa Monica, Calif.
  • Apple, Sept. 12, (?) Cupertino, CA
  • Microsoft
    • October 25,  New York City big launch event for Windows 8 and the Surface RT.
    • October 29, San Francisco or Los Angeles official “launch” of Windows Phone 8
    • October 30 to November 2 is Microsoft’s Build 2012 conference now.
    • November,  Xbox Live dashboard update

Gadget Guy’s Deal of the Month: ebates Rebate site for all of your purchases.

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