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Emily Hay



Hay There! Are you hearing a lot about Pinterest? Emily A. Hay joined the Internet Advisor team on WJR 760AM to share some quick points on this much-talked-about social network. This blog will keep you in the loop on the basics and hopefully catch your Pinterest ☺

Remember, you can listen to the full podcast of Emily A. Hay on the Internet Advisor show on WJR 760AM in our media section (Also available on iTunes).


  • Pinterest – an online pinboard for different topics you are interested in
  • Default pinboard categories like “Products I Love” and “My Style” but you can create your own (HINT: creative pinboards get noticed)
  • Has been around since 2009 – more than 11M users last month (2012)
  • It’s a way to organize a LOT of content very efficiently
  • This user-friendly interface can impact how companies structure their websites going forward


  • It’s image based – ALL visual
  • To create an account, you must be invited (request an invitation)
  • Create your own personal profile with picture, basic info, links to your website, Twitter and Facebook profiles, etc.
  • Content types shared
  • Recipes, outfits, products, technology, quotes, gift ideas
  • Fantastic for product discovery & sharing ideas
  • Photography (causing some copyright concerns; common to see photos watermarked per standard procedure)
  • Easy to use
  • Pin content from within pinterest, from anywhere on the web (using the “pin it bookmarklet” you install in your browser toolbar), from mobile device via app
  • Repin other’s pins, “Like” other’s pinboard content, comment on others pins, tag other users
  • Search for new content – Hay There Social Media team member called the “Search” bar on Pinterest “her new Google!”
  • Can connect your Pinterest activity to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts
  • Keep in mind: statistics show that most pins on Pinterest are “Repins” (viral nature, exponential exposure)


  • Your Pinterest activity is incorporated into your Facebook timeline (via Pinterst app)
  • Virtually no learning curve
  • Organizing a vast amount of content has never been easier
  • A new way to search, limits results to followers and similar people within your demographic
  • You can pin ANYTHING with a photo attached (so far, it’s seeming to be a “PG” rated environment)


  • People
  • Facebook users & Twitter users
  • “Word on the street” is that it’s female focused. Men can use it, too! It’s ok if men like the same things as the gals – male users may sway towards food, clothing or technology products for example.
  • Business
  • Marketers are using it to drive website traffic
  • Use pinboards as tutorials (like virtual chalkboards) and thank you messages to clients or client features
  • Etsy.com is one of the most significant sites to have content pinned from
  • Observe and listen to what customers are saying about products (real-time instant feedback)

For help with pinterest and other social media management services, contact Hay There Social Media today! Thanks for reading!

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