Rootkit Hidden in Millions of Cellphones!

A company name Carrier IQ has installed a rootkit on millions of Android, Symbian, Blackberry and webOS phones.  The stealth software lies at the bottom of the phones system and copies information which is then capable of being sent back to another location.  Here’s the full story which is still unfolding. (Update: rootkit is on iPhone 4!)

The video is a bit long and technical but it is also REALLY scary to see the information that this Carrier IQ rootkit or hidden software is recording every keystroke that you make INCLUDING Https (secure) transmissions.  It is fascinating to watch the software actually recording the information; however it must be noted the researcher was not able to demonstrate how the software transmitted the data.  Still it is unsettling to think that their is software running in your Android or Blackberry phone that is capable of recording everything that you enter into the phone!

Here is the anti-dote for the Carrier IQ poison in your phone!

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