Microsoft Releases Latest Malware Report

The folks in Redmond want you to be up on the latest threats to computing and what you can do about that.  They recently released their semi annual Security Intelligence Report.  Here is a quick outline of their findings and steps consumers can take.

Key findings in volume 11:

  • A new method of analyzing malware distribution indicates that the zero-day vulnerability accounted for a very small percentage of actual infections in the first half of 2011
  • One of the more prevalent threats involves social engineering, or manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. This is where a cybercriminal targets a human vulnerability rather than a software vulnerability.
  • Another finding indicates cybercriminals abuse Autorun to install malware such as malicious and potentially unwanted software.

Tips for consumers:

  • Keep all software on your systems updated
  • Third-party as well as Microsoft
  • Use Microsoft Update
  • Updates all Microsoft software
  • Use strong passwords
  • Run anti-virus software from a trusted vendor
  • Keep it updated

Download the Microsoft Security Update Guide:




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