Podcast: September 11, 2010

Join us for a late night edition of the Internet Advisor with Foster Braun, Gary Baker, and Ed Rudel.  This week we will look at the next world war which may be taking place right now … Online!  Richard Stiennon, author of Surviving Cyber War and a syndicated security blog , will talk about the next cyberwar and how we can prepare for it.  Erik Anderson will also be back with The Mac Minute to keep you up to date with the latest Apple product information.

Also joining us, Amy Tyrrell to tell us about Buddy Walk, a fundraiser to help families of children with Down Syndrome through the Down Syndrome Group of Southeast Michigan. 1 in 800 children are created with Down Syndrome and each year they thrive more and more due to greater awareness which creates greater acceptance for all.

As usual our second hour will be dedicated to helping you with your computer problems.  Don’t miss the chance to get some free expert advice simply by calling 1-800-859-7950 or 1-800-859-0WJR

Podcast: Richard Stiennon
Podcast: September 11, 2010 – Hour 1
Podcast: September 11. 2010 – Hour 2

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