Podcast: June 19, 2010

Recently one of the guys noted that we haven’t heard women’s perspectives on tech themes in a while and this weekend we intend to take a step toward remedying that oversight.  This week, Gary Baker, Ed Rudel and Cal Carson welcome Rachel Kelly, a specialist in Social Networking and Meaghan McCann who is an expert in AdWords/AdSense.  Both of these ladies are associates of Vince Chmielewski, our frequent tech contributor and web site designer.  Rachel shows us how to use tools like Facebook and Linked-in to increase your outreach while Meaghan talks about the nuts and bolts of making a website work for you. 

Also with us this week is Ron Stefanski, Captain of Tres Joli, a 38’ Beneteau sailboat. Ron tells how he used Facebook to keep his friends informed, in real time, of his adventures last week as he sailed from Lake Charlevoix around the mitten of Michigan to Toledo Beach in Lake Erie.  He describes it as seeing Michigan at five miles per hour.  Some friends even got on harbor webcams for a live view of the skipper and his crew as they prepare to disembark on the next segment of this journey.   By the way, one of his crew was Gary Baker (Gary and Ron work together at Gale, a reference publisher).   You can read a New York Times article on Captain Ron and family.

Capt. Ron Stefanski of the Tres Joli 38' Beneteau Class Sailboat

Capt. Ron Stefanski of the Tres Joli 38' Beneteau Class Sailboat

Of course Erik Anderson has The Mac Minute to share all the Apple News and Foster Braun calls in via Skype with a special announcement. Check in to see.

Podcast: June 19, 2010 – Hour 1
Podcast: June 19, 2010 – Hour 2

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