Podcast: 12th Anniversary Show – February 6, 2010

12th Anniversary Cake 001

Break out the cake it’s time to celebrate a dozen years of Detroit’s longest running, locally produced computer talk show: The Internet Advisor!  We’re doing it in style with Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Foster Braun and Erik Anderson.  The cake is virtual for all but those in studio…a plus for all the Weight Watchers in the audience.  We look back at some of the incredible changes that have taken place in computing and the Internet since 1998 and learn about WJR’s newest contribution to that progress:  The WJR’s free web app for iPhones and Blackberry smartphones!

The economic downturn has affected libraries across the nation in a significant way.  Faced with unprecedented budget cuts that conflict with a booming user base, libraries and the companies that serve them have had to get creative to do more with less.  At Gale, a local company that happens to be the leading publisher serving libraries in the world, this translates into creating a different breed of products that do not only focus on traditional areas like homework help, but also involves developing software solutions to help users with career transitions, health support, and small business management.  It also means reaching users in a new way – taking the library out to them through iPhone apps, websites, and widgets.

Nader Qaimari, Gale’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, shares his thoughts about this exciting transition and what it will mean for libraries and publishers going forward.

Chris and Justin Beale at WJR 4-09 001

Jusitn and dad Chris Beale

Also joining us, Justin Beale, former guest on WJR and  Senior, Dakota High School and Mr. John McQuestion, recommending teacher.  This remarkable Dakota student has earned all A’s in two years of study in the Information Technology program at Chippewa Valley High School. He is the first in Chippewa Valley history to earn a perfect score on the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Foundations exam—recognized as the industry standard.

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