Faster Windows boot-up time

Take control of Windows Startup programs with the Startup Delayer utility.

This free utility works with most versions of Windows, Including Windows 7, Vista, and XP.  What makes Startup Delayer special is that it allows you to delay or postpone some or all of these startup programs from running and allowing your Windows Desktop display much quicker.

As you install software onto your computer some of the software will start slowing down the startup time and even the performance of your Personal Computer.  The more programs you install, the slower your system may become.  Many software programs force Windows to load (run) parts (or even then entire program) at startup.  I read a great analogy of this some time ago – Imagine cars trying to merge into a single traffic lane, all at once – each car (or program) trying to be the first in line.

Startup Delayer provides a simple interface and list all of the programs that are configured to run when Windows starts.  On the bottom of the screen is a time line bar.  By default, all of the listed items will attempt to startup at timeline position 0:00:00.  Simply drag and drop startup items from the list onto timeline (to the right of 0:00:00).

For example –

1. I configure my Microsoft communicator (instant messenger), Backup software, I-Tune software, and Java and Adobe update utilities  to delay between 4-5 minutes after Windows starts.
2. Security programs I did not attempt to schedule.  We want Antirus, AntiSpyware, and Firewall software to protect our computer as soon as possible.
3. I configured Wireless software, Hotkeys, and VPN software to startup in the first 30 seconds.  Some programs, like the Apple QuickTime Task bar icon, will not allow you to delay startup and will re-add themselves to the Windows startup at timeline 0:00:00.  Not to worry, this utility will notify you of this obnoxious behavior and inform you of configuration options.
4.  Some utilities like the Adobe download manager or HP Updates I just disabled from starting up at all.

These simple changes decreased my startup time by 30 seconds.  Now, I don’t have to stare at a blank screen with no desktop icons for 30 seconds – In my book that is a definite plus.
Download the Free Startup Delayer from PC World.

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