December 12, 2009

The whole Internet Advisor crew returned to the studio for a busy show as Ed Rudel and Cal Carson joined Gary Baker and Foster Braun.  We had three unique guests and topics.

Scott Mueller, a frequent visitor to the show, talked about his latest (20th) edition of Upgrading and Repairing PC’s

Scott Fox, the author of Internet Riches, shared about “tweeting” for a Detroit Charity at Scott Fox Show.

And  Nelson Saba, the co-creator of Glo, the Bible “reimagined for the digital world”, discussed a bible product that will revolutionize how the world’s greatest book is experienced.

Finally, Erik “Macboy” Anderson took the week off from Internet Advisor show this week but posted a special web exclusive Mac Minute Podcast for your enjoyment discussing AT&T’s network and how to use an old PC for a Mac / Linux media server.

Podcast: December 12, 2009 – Hour 1
Podcast: December 12, 2009 – Hour 2

Web Exclusive Podcast: Extended Mac Minute

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