New AVG 9.0 Free Version Arrives

Long time listeners to the Internet Advisor know that Gary, Ed and Foster have all used AVG free anti-virus protection to keep their systems clean for years.  AVG has just released its newest version of its respected free anti-virus but beware: it’s part of a huge security suite.  Free doesn’t pay the rent so it’s not surprising AVG has turned, along with other faithful free friends like Zone Alarm and Avast, to creating huge, all encompassing security suites that offer complete protection.

You can always make a good case for paying $50/yr. for a good security package but now even the free versions come with all sorts of bells and whistles of their own.  The protection is still free if you look hard enough for it but it also comes with so much baggage that make you think that there really isn’t a free lunch anymore.  Download Free version of AVG 9.0 here.

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