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Microsoft Office Flash Tutorials

If you have made the switch to Microsoft’s Office 2007 suite then you have already discovered the new ribbon interface.  Instead of having the 20 year old  “File drop down menu “ interface Microsoft is betting that new “Ribbon” interface will improve the application usage.

The Office 2007 ribbon user interface presents commands organized into a set of tabs. The tabs within the ribbon will change, depending on the actions you are performing.

Office 2007 Ribbon

Office 2007 Ribbon

I am not a heavy Excel or Power point user but I do use some Microsoft Word.  Once you get use to the ribbon, I am told, you will come to appreciate the intuitive use.  Unfortunately, like many of you, I have become accustomed to the old fashion drop down menus and find myself hunting for the function (I gave up in frustration trying to find the Undo command when I accidently deleted an entire paragraph).

Thank goodness Microsoft provides tools to ease our transition to the new Ribbon.

Simply launch the appropriate link, Word, Excel, or Power Point.  Your Web browser will load a Flash representation of the old fashion File-Drop down menu.  Simply use the menu to perform the command, as you remember it, and the utility will show you how to perform the same command using the new Office 2007 Ribbon.

Once you get the hang of the ribbons interface, it will only be a matter of time before you wonder how you ever struggled with the old fashion tool bar.

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