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Podcast 1510 March 7, 2015: Protecting Your Digital Legacy & Retro Arcade Night


 Show Notes:

Is your legacy lost in cyberspace?

Dan HoopsDan Hoops, Assoc. Prof. of Accounting and Taxation, Walsh College joins us to give us insights into identifying our digital valuables and advising us on how to make sure your legacy doesn’t die with you.

Prof. Hoops: Estate Planning with Digital Assets

Digital Asset Form

Protecting Your Digital Assets Before You Die

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Online Tech Hosts Retro Arcade Night, Thursday, March 19, 3 – 7pm

Shawn Fergus of Online Tech announces a casual, fun networking event for IT pros and other business professional who are interested in the types of products and services they offer. There will be no sales pitching, just more than 20 classic arcade games (the real ‘80s machines), craft brews, food and NCAA tournament hoops on large screen TVS.  Act quickly, reservations are limited.

 Click here to reserve your tokens.

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Don’t Miss the Big Apple Event, Monday, March 9, 10 AM PT (1 PM EST)


Mike BrennanMike Brennan, Editor and …

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Estate Planning with Digital Assets

Planning Your Digital Estate:

Is your legacy lost in cyberspace?

Daniel S. Hoops, J.D., LL.M.*


I.          Introduction

II.        Planning the Disposition of an Estate

A.        What are digital assets?

B.        Administering an Estate

III.       Existing Laws neither Preserve nor Encourage Preservation of Digital Assets

A.        Generally

B.        Property Rights

C.        Contractual Rights

D.        Uniform Probate Code (“UPC”)

E.         Federal Transfer Taxes

IV.       Estate Planning under Service Provider Terms of Service

A.        Rights Effected by Terms of Service

B.        Rights of Deceased Users

V.        Estate Planning for Digital Legacies under Current Law

A.        Prepare a Separate Writing Related to Digital Assets

B.        Appointment of a Digital Administrator

VI.       Proposed Standardization of Internet Terms of Service

A.        Overview

B.        Recommended Terms of Service

VII.      Proposed Changes to United States Law to Manage a Digital Legacy

A.        Federal Law

B.        State Law

VIII.    Conclusion





After death, who controls the digital legacy for users of service providers like Facebook and Twitter?

This simple question prompted the research contained in this article and will hopefully continue the conversation[1] about whether laws should be updated for email, social media and blog users to advance plan their digital estates.…

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Podcast April 6, 2013: Robotics and The Tax Man

Team Rush

Show Notes:

Team RUSH, Clarkston, MI Competes in FIRST Robotics

Steve Hyer, CEO of IGD Solutions, our website host presents a group of talented and excited students from Clarkston, MI.

  • Camron Razdar, 10th Grade
  • Carter Zielinski, 10th Grade
  • John Havel, 11th Grade
  • Regan Havens, 12th Grade – Team Captain
  • Jordan McMichael, 12th Grade
  • Matt Pasco, 10th Grade

The Tax Man Cometh

Daniel Hoops, B.M.A., J.D., LL.M of Walsh College specializes in tax law and has some advice to share with consumers and businesses alike preparing to do their taxes this spring. Should you do-it-yourself with software or use a tax preparer?

Accounting Aid Society

IRS Tax Filing Help

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector.

Hour 2:  Answering Listener Questions. 800-859-0957

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GLSPVideo: Behind the Scenes at the Internet Advisor


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Podcast: April 2, 2011

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun, Erik Anderson

Show Notes: (Hour 1)

Focus on Stop, Think, Connect Forum, Walsh College, Tues. 5-7 PM Troy Campus
* Bruce McConnell, Dept. of Homeland Security Senior Counselor for Cybersecurity, part of  National Initiative for Cybersecurity Awareness
* Nan Poulios, Director of the Information Assurance Center and assistant professor, Business Information Technology at Walsh College

Michelle Hackman, a blind senior at Great Neck High School, New York won second place in the Intel Talent Search and $75,000 for a science test that involved separating teens from their cell phones and measuring their anxiety.

The Flying Anderson Brothers (Erik and Scott) hold their official weigh-in to determine which one of them has lost the biggest percent of body weight over the past year and wins a brand new iPad 2.

Link: Restoring your computer with an external hard drive: Crash Plan

Hours 2 and 3: Don’t forget that we will also have two solid hours to answer all your computer and internet questions.
Walsh College-Stop, Think, Connect Forum

Podcast: April 2, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: April 2, 2011 – Hour 2
Podcast: April 2, 2011 –

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