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Podcast 1327 July 13, 2013: Gadget Guy Back-to-School Tech and Smart Watches


Show Notes:

Back-to-School Computer Shopping Guide


Rick Broid, CNet Blogger

Rick Broida, The Gadget Guy and noted Cheapskate will combine his hardware know how and skinflint skill set to help grads and their families find the best deals.  Recent grad Talon Rudel and Ed Rudel will serve as test market and…


Debate smart watches with Rick’s arch rival…

Dave JohnsonDave Johnson, Pebble Owner and Rick’s arch-nemesis (Dave is editor of eHow Tech and author of three dozen books.  He previously worked at Microsoft and has written about technology for a long list of magazines e.g., PC World and Wired.) Dave and Rick regularly joust about tech topics at Geek vs. Geek on

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector.

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Pebble Watch Beats Apple to Smart Watch

Pebble Watch

A feisty group of young entrepreneurs (are there any other kind in this digital age?!) has launched Pebble an attractive smartwatch that connects to iPhones and Android devices.  Check out The Pebble Watch for full details.

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