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Facebook gets a Facelift and Many Hate the New Look

Outrage, amusement and confusion seem to top the list of reactions to the huge changes in Facebook.  One has to wonder about the timing of Google+ in opening its doors to everyone just as Facebook is changing just about everything.  Right now outrage seems to be the sentiment of the day on my Facebook page. Foster Braun

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Everyone's Invited to Google+

Now we’re all special.  Google+ is open to one an all. Google’s attempt to challenge Facebook has been a closed party that required an “invitation” while it was in beta.  That has all changed as Google+ shifts into high gear.  Give it a try but we predict that it is going to be hard to get people to shift from long-entrenched Facebook habits!

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Google+ is here. Has Facebook met its match?

Google+ arrived now the question is: Did Google get social right this time or this just another run at beating Facebook at being the social networking king?  Check out this demo of the Google+ Project.

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How to Change Your Facebook Settings to HTTPS

Here is how you make sure that you are secure when you are using Facebook but don’t forget that using common sense is probably the best defense you can have.

1.) Go to Account in the upper right corner
2.) Account Settings
3.) Account Security
4.) Check first box under Secure Browsing (https) Check the bottom of the page to look for a Save button.

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Podcast: February 19, 2011

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Foster Braun

Show Notes:

Hour 2 is dedicated to taking your calls about problems with your computers,  getting around the Internet and related topics.

Podcast: February 19, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: February 19, 2011 – Hour 2

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Look Out For Another Fake Facebook Warning

This article will give  you all the details.  Needless to say, don’t accept any notice to either give information or change passwords in this case.  Do all of that from inside the service such as Facebook or Hotmail itself.  Otherwise you hand the bad guys the keys to your online life and Katie bar the door!

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IA Tech Roundtable #10 1/3/11

2011 Predictions

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun

Click here to listen or download IA Tech Roundtable 10 (30 min.)

Top ten gadget predictions for 2011

What won’t happen in 2011

IPTV become mainstream

Expect Malware and Spyware to target Tablet devices

11 predictions for 2011 Chris Obrian of the Mercury News

Big Tech Predictions for 2011 (PC Mag)

Twitter Predicts

Slash Gear Top Predictions for 2011


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Facebook: King of the Web

Facebook has dethroned Google as the most visited website on the Internet as well as the most searched term.  Next: Reach 1 billion users mark in 2011!

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IA Tech Roundtable #8 Dec. 20. 2010

Click here to play or download: IA Tech Roundtable 8 Final

Show Notes:

Google Chrome OS and CR 84 Device

Sign up for a free CR 84 Test Device

Mark Zuckerberg Time Man/Person of the Year

iPhone and iPad rumors

Microsoft Gives Away 10 Free Products for IT and Home Users

iPhone Color Blind App.

Google set to map a new frontier: The human body

Download the new Chrome HTML 5 (beta) browser and explore the human body.

Nasty new virus: ThinkPoint

Moving theatre seats in Michigan

Once again Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year.

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Erik Anderson, Scott Anderson, Kurt Hines and Foster Braun

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Internet Advisor Tech Roundtable #6 Nov. 22, 2010

Click here for: IA Tech Roundtable 6 (approx 35 min)

Click here for: IA Tech Roundtable 6 (approx 35 min)

(Note: Apologies for less than stellar audio.  I was experimenting with a new form of Skype on my Windows PC using the webcam mike.  Next week will be improved.  Thanks for your patience. Foster Braun)

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