1608 Choosing Your Next Laptop

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Show Notes:

Hour 1

On this show we tackle one of our most frequently asked questions: What do you recommend we buy for our next laptop?  Each member of our team chimed in with helpful tips about everything from CPU speed to display size.

To make the discussion a little more practical, we chose a recent laptop sold on Amazon and displayed above.  We don’t want everyone to run out and buy this Lenovo laptop but we do want you to see that there are some very capable laptop computers for under $400, depending on your computing needs.

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  • CPU (dual core, i3, AMD)
  • Screen Size (13″ vs 15 or 17 “)
  • To touch or not to Touch Screen
  • Hard Drive : SATA (mechanical), SSD (Solid State Drive), Hybrid (combination of SSD and SATA gives speed and max storage for less $)
  • RAM (4 GB base but 8GB preferred. May be added later.
  • OS -PC: Windows 10 64 bit Home Edition
  • Security (Windows Defender included free on Win 10)
  • Reviews (Read more than just Amazon. People make a living posting reviews!  Be careful and don’t believe everything you read.  Check thoroughly)


CalCal’s Principles:

Get your hands on the computer.  Get in front of it, check out the screen and the feel of the keys.

Durability: you get what you pay for.  Make sure that you are getting a computer that is sturdy and reliable.

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The FBI vs Apple tug-o-war continues.

Two perspectives on the debate:

Apple vs FBI: Top 5 distortions, delusions, and downright lies.

  1. FBI wants Apple to put a “backdoor”in iOS
  2. The hack could leak out
  3. It’s a dangerous precedent
  4. This an outrageous violation of our civil rights
  5. The government can’t make a company build tools for it.

Wisdom from Mr. Baker

Gary-Casual-2010The problem with our government forcing Apple to build a new OS in order to unlock the phone is the precedent that it sets not just here but globally. What is to stop China or India or any other country from demanding the same thing and killing Apple’s business in that country if they don’t comply. It could even cause the company to violate other US laws if they did comply the foreign nation’s demands.

Hour 2  Answering Listener Questions

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MiTechNews Headlines for Feb.27, 2016

Mike Brennan

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1608 Choosing Your Next Laptop
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