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Podcast Dec. 8, 2012 Rick Broida: All I Want For Christmas…

Show Notes:

Gadget Man, Rick Broida recommends great gadgets for your holiday shopping with breathtaking bargains to boot.

  • Tantalizing Tablets
  • Loveable Laptops

Gotta-Have Gizmos:

9 Online Shopping Tips by Andrea Woroch

Hour 2:

Special Guest: Windows 8 Answer Man, Aaron Guilimette, Apex Digital

Transfer Tutorials for Windows 8

Text: How To Transfer Files, Settings & User Profiles From Windows 7 To Windows 8 [Guide]

Video: How To Transfer Files & Settings From Windows 7 To Windows 8


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Michigan #3 in High Tech Growth Nationwide

The once renowned rust belt is snatching victory from the mouth of defeat.  Building on the high tech heritage of the auto industry, the Great Lakes State is showing signs of being one of the hottest places in the US for high tech growth.  According to MichTech News, “A new study released Thursday by Engine Advocacy shows that Michigan ranked third in the nation for high-tech job growth from 2010-2011.”

This is not only good news for techies looking for work but also for the communities where growth is strongest because each new tech job creates nearly 4 other jobs. Full Story

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Syria Vanishes from the Internet

An international web wachdog is reporting that on Nov. 29 the entire nation of Syria suddenly dropped off the Internet. Phone lines have also been severed electronically. Just as we are reveling in the growth of online shopping and how connected our smartphones are, we have a grim reminder of how tenuous our connections may be. CNet News article

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Podcast 12/1/12: Syria Goes Dark and Are You A Human?

Show Notes:

Syria Blown Back to Dark Ages: Richard Stiennon, Internet Analyst & Security Expert, explores how this could happen and whether we could see the lights go out suddenly under just the wrong kind of conditions.

Online Buyer Beware: Online Sales Shattered All Records This Past Week. The Internet Advisor Team present the Do’s and Dont’s of Online Buying.

Are You A Human? Nothing personal and lots of fun.  Reid Tatoris, co-founder of the website  security service, is back to talk about Play Thru, the new form of identification for the Web. Try it out! (BTW, that is the new identification process you will use when you Contact Us on our homepage)

What’s New On the Web?  Vince Chmielewski, founder of VC Webdesign tells what’s hot in website design, dealing with the booming mobile market and what you need to decide before you create a website. (Disclosure: Vince designed the current Internet Advisor site and is working on a re-design.)

Windows 8 Tutorials

Internet Advisor Takeway:

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The Do's and Don't's of Online Shopping

Woman’s Day has a little something for everyone in your family, from fashion to etiquette, meals and more …and a great list of things to keep in mind if and when you go looking for holiday presents online.  Perhaps “everybody is doing it”, i.e. buying digitally, but not everyone is doing it wisely.

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