Encouraging Tech Savvy Tween Girls through Social Media!


With the emergence of social media girls have an “in” to the world of tech starting from their comfort zone of social media! The two worlds are really blending and now it’s cool to be geeky, in fact “geeky” is old school terminology. Now it’s COOL to be tech savvy. Here is a special article Emly Hay has written on the subject.

Real life example: A girl named Tori Molnar starting an eCommerce “franchise” business at age 15:

Mission: “Where Teenage and College Girls Learn about Business and Make Money!”

Hay There Social Media is launching a new program called, “Saving Face for Parents of Tweens,” to help parents get up to speed on what their tech savvy tweens are doing online and in social media. We are a proud team of women helping to lead the way and advance the social relevance of tech savvy women.

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